September 2018


“I am emailing you from Kuwait to express my/our gratitude for taking the time out to do something good for us. Things like this really are appreciated, especially when we are out here not knowing what’s going to happen next, haha. Shoutout to Katie and Jordan (defensive tackle) who wrote my cards!”

Very Respectfully,
CBRN Chief

July 2018


“We received another group of packages from your Organization. I wanted to reach out and thank you from the bottom of my heart. It’s the little things during a deployment that keep the Marines and Sailors focused and happy. “

1st SGT, CLD-37

May 2018

180319-N-SB299-1795    USS_BUNKER_HILL

On behalf of the USS BUNKER HILL and our 380 souls on board, THANK YOU for your generous love and support for your Sailors and country.

We received your Care Packages today and the crew is very, very grateful.  We are in the final weeks of a long 7-month deployment, and your ‘sweet’ gifts and devotionals are very encouraging to body and soul.  Thank you for raising our spirits!!

Attached are two photos: one displaying our ship & colors, the other demonstrating how your package arrived today (“Air Mail”).

Very Respectfully,

J.S., Command Chaplain, U.S. Navy

March 2018


Thank you so much for your wonderful care package postmarked 1/17/18! You all are so generous with your time and dollars to send me and my team such a bounty of treats and goodwill from back home. I’ve shared your gifts around the camp, and now dozens of folks are very appreciatively enjoying your chocolates, granola bars and fruit snacks. It’s tough to be away from home for so long (9 months – 1 year for most in my group), but we are daily rewarded by inspirational sights — packs of children who no longer have to go to ISIS ran schools, women freed from abusive slavery and Christian families returning to their homes and rebuilding their churches after the long nightmare of ISIS rule. If men can be instruments of God’s justice here on earth, then I firmly believe we are doing the Lord’s work. Thank you again so much for your thoughtfulness and generosity. God bless you and your families.

– Tommy

As Commanding Officer, I would like to express my gratitude to Acts of Appreciation Military Outreach for the generous donation of time, energy and gifts at the 2017 Santa’s Blessings Toy Store Event on Camp Pendleton.

Your annual invitation to this event allows the Marines and Sailors of 1st Medical Battalion to come together with children and celebrate the Christmas season as one big Navy and Marine Corps family. Your continued commitment to our military families is admirable and we look forward to working with you in the future.

I extend to you the Navy’s traditional “Bravo Zulu” and my sincerest thank you.


J.P. W, Commanding Officer, U.S. Navy


Dearest Acts of Appreciation,

We are so grateful for the beautiful custom-crafted gifts and for your thoughtfulness and generosity. Your talents are truly treasured and appreciated by our family. May God bless you for your kindness.

The C. Family

My family and I would like to thank you so much for the gift basket that we received for our baby boy. We appreciate it so much, especially since you all are taking the time out of your day to do things for families such as my own. So thank you again for the basket, we really loved everything and appreciate it so much!

The A. Family

February 2018


“Thank you so much for sending a gift basket for my little one, my FRO Christine brought it to the hospital. I went into labor on my Birthday and gave birth to our daughter Kingsley Rose the following day on 3rd January. My husband was able to be a part of it all via video chat from the middle East. Please thank Melissa, Megan, Autumn & Cayla for their lovely cards ❤”

With Love,
Jocelyn W.
“Thank you so much for this amazing gift to our family. We are truly blessed to team up with all of you. As we serve together to reach Military here on Camp Pendelton. Many blessings to the quilting team!!!”

– Chaplain Josh & April J.



“I wanted to send a Christmas card, but I knew it would not make it in time. So I wanted to take the opportunity to express how grateful all of us are for the care packages you guys sent, especially the Christmas ones. The fact you all take the time to send us stuff like this over here is a blessing that’s over flowing…. Literally! I have given some to the Norwegians, British and Danish and our coalition counterparts have expressed their gratitude. They don’t exactly have the same kind of patriotism in their countries and they are surprised to see that people like you are so eager to send things. Also, all the notes from kids are lovely to read and amusing at the same time. I hope you guys had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I pray that you all have a blessed 2018.”

– Kyle

“I am a Marine Corps Captain, currently deployed to Iraq and I received a Christmas gift bag which was sent to a friend of mine. Your organization packed and shipped the package, and while I’m not sure how many total, I could see the box he received had multiple bags. Your efforts are sincerely appreciated, thank you for putting together such a thoughtful and hand crafted gifts. The handmade pen and knit cap are particularly humbling, because I recognize the time and effort put into making those items. Please pass on my thanks to the members of your organization. God bless you, keep up the great work and thank you for your support.”

– Robert

“Hello, my name is Jeffrey I am a United States Marine I am 22 years old from Pennsylvania and currently deployed. I just came back from Iraq to another country to regroup with my team and received a Ziploc bag full of goods from you guys! I want to let you know that we thank you so very much and appreciate every bit of it! My unit out here did Christmas a little early so all the Marines could get the Ziploc baggies due to certain things going on at certain times not everyone would be here on Christmas. The beanies are awesome and I saw a ton of marines wearing them; however we cannot wear them in uniform but at night and when we’re sleeping and in the mornings they keep us warm so they are being put to good use. Mail is one of the few things we have to look forward to out here and it’s good to know that there are still people in this world that care. Thank all of you so much, Keep doing good things out there: no 1 person can change the world but 1 good deed per person can. Semper Fidelis! Thank You!”

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In response to the last minute change of date and venue of the Christmas Blessings Toy Store:

“Wow, I should have thought more deeply about how complex a change would be… SO thankful to you and soooo many people who changed family and other plans to keep the event going on the alternate date. You and the Saddleback people have always been super generous and kind, and for a lot of years. This is another jewel in your crowns in heaven. Truly, truly grateful for all your peeps are doing! Please convey my personal appreciation to them for their participation in the Gospel this way.”

– Deputy Chaplain for Camp Pendleton

“Thank you so much for the Santa’s Blessing toy store event. This was one of the best events we have attended since we have been in the in the military. The entire volunteer staff was so inviting and welcoming. We truly felt so loved and blessed being able to be surrounded by so much love. With being so far away from family during the holidays, it was amazing to feel so at home and deeply loved. We cannot thank you enough for what you gave our family this Christmas. I pray that your church is blessed through the year to be able to bless families again next year.”

December 2017


“Thank you so much for your support of the Holy Grounds field café. I know that the Marines and Sailors will greatly appreciate it as we head into our training season. Again, you all go above and beyond. Our Relationship Workshop went very well last week. We had 10 couples attend. Our curriculum consisted of the 5 Love Languages and the Myths and Realities of Marriage (also from Gary Chapman). The Marines thoroughly enjoyed it and I received great feedback from the class. Just know that you all were a part of influencing 10 young couples in how to have a better marriage.”
Chaplain Stephens

“On behalf of my Marines and I, I want to send a sincere appreciation and loved filled thank you for what you all do. It is a constant discussion with my Marines, to never take anything for granted, especially acts of kindness and service to others. I have been privileged to serve my Marines and this country for 18 years, and to this day…it touches a special place in my heart when I see the generosity and support our military gets from our country. We thank you, and can’t say it enough. Your care packages are well received and instantly brings smiles and joy to the Marines and Sailors as we distribute them out. God Bless you, your purpose and this organization for what you do.”

Semper Fi.
1stSgt M. S. B.

August 2017


“I recently received a goodie bag from your organization and wanted to extend my gratitude and appreciation to you, your team, and Ms. Jenny and Mr. Christopher from who I received letters. While I am not currently deployed their letters provide great comfort in the course of training for whatever the future has in store. I wish you and everyone at Saddleback Church health and happiness and thank you again for the goodie bags and letters!”

Very Respectfully,
Capt Brett D

“Good Evening!

I just wanted to write and express my gratitude to both Acts of Appreciation at Saddleback Church, as well as to Jessica (from OC, age 14) that wrote me the kind card that came along with the snacks. I’m a Navy Corpsman attached to the 1st Marine Logistics Group on Camp Pendleton. (We handle combat medical care for the Marines) We were having a very stressful week at my unit and our Navy chaplain brought your bags of snacks over to us — which definitely lifted my spirits. If you could pass on a thank you to Jessica it would be much appreciated.”

Best Regards,
HM2 Steven M

“Good morning, my wife and I just received a baby basket donated from you and we wanted to let you know that we loved it and are very thankful for the generous donation.”

Dylan U.